Home page examples

Get inspiration from the example layouts below.

Example home pages

In the home page examples below, the feature area has been used for navigating through this guide. Your feature area heading should not say "Home page". Refer to the above explanation for the kind of content you need in your feature area.

Understanding the feature area

The feature area is the large photographic area at the top of your home page. It can be a single photo or a slideshow of multiple images. You have the option to put no text over top of the feature area or put any combination of a heading, blurb and button/s. Have the same content over all of your slides or have this change with each slide.

Feature area content tips

  • Use short headings that fit on one line.
  • Feature area heading text is often the first thing people see, don't waste this real estate by saying "Welcome to my website". Use your tagline or say what you do.
  • Make sure all text is readable. You are better to have no text over top of your photos than it be hard to read.