Preparing website content

A guide to writing the content for the pages of your website.

Watch the video below to learn how to get started

If you need to prepare content for a website, knowing where to start is the biggest hurdle and this guide will help you get started. This website shows example content and page layouts for the pages people struggle with the most when preparing content.

This guide shows you:
  • How much content you need
  • The kind of content you need
  • The amount and kind of images

Example pages for inspiration

Why have we used information about Rocketspark for the example content on each page? We wanted to use real content about a real business to show the kind of information you might use to portray what your business does to visitors.


Punchy easy to read home pages are critical to a great first impression.


This page shows the background, history and people of your business.


Layouts that work well for displaying services and service-related products.

Sticky menu (optional extra)

The sticky menu is an optional extra that makes it easy for visitors to navigate longer pages of content that is broken up into clear sections by good headings. The menu stays at the top of the window as you start scrolling so you can click the links to slide to any section of the page at any time. If you just scroll down the page it also highlights which section you are viewing in the sticky menu to show your scroll progress down the page.